Presidents Message




From the Desk of the President:  


First I would like to thank the past Presidents and Board members for all their hard work to keep this club alive. Thank you all for all that you have done!   We are currently fighting and working hard to keep this organization from falling apart do to the economy and other unforeseen things happening beyond our control.
What we need is for every member to invite other retirees to our meetings and to help us build the membership! This is vital and will help us grow and get strong again!  


The Board and I hope everybody is well and doing fine. Your Board of Directors have been working overtime in an attempt to try to put some great programs and functions together for this great organization. We want all our members to enjoy our meetings and events, Please relax and let us get the latest news that pertains to retired NYPD and our benefits.  


As we all know money makes us able to continue to ‘Drive ahead’. We depend on the ‘dues’ for most of our income to be able to continue to give everyone something to look forward to when they attend a meeting.  


I ask two things: 1) Pay your Dues. and 2) Bring other retirees to the meetings so we may build our organization to be strong again!  


I ask everybody who has not paid their dues for 2013 to please come to our next meeting and pay them. If you choose not to come or cannot attend please mail in your dues after filling out the membership form and send in your dues to:  


Mailing address:
Hernando County 1013 Inc
PO BOX 5785
Spring Hill, FL 34611

Make Checks Payable To:



New members: $35.00 first year
Renewals: $30.00 per year  


The Board and I need your participation in this matter. If your dues have already been paid we thank you very much.  


We are in the process of updating our membership files. Please ensure we have your correct address, email, phone number for our records.   I wish you and yours the best.  

Fraternally Yours,
Arthur Babcock
The Hernando County 10-13 Club


The Hernando County 10-13 club

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