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Who are we


The Hernando County 10-13 Club is part of the “10-13 Clubs of America”. We are a fraternal group of Retired NYCPD supporting the “10-13 Clubs of America”. We are located in Hernando County Florida in Spring Hill FL and serving all surrounding area’s


We are a fraternal group of retired New York City Police Officers of all ranks. The history of the organization began when there was nothing, until a small group of retirees in Florida benevolently banded together and realized the unfairness of the administration and the forgetfulness of our once line organizations towards the retiree. They perceived an image of unifying all retirees to strengthen their position in fighting for and protecting the rights of the retiree. The call went out as a 10-13 and clubs began sprouting throughout the nation, they grew as one with the same focus and direction while the need arose for a national organization and they called it the “10-13 Clubs of America” formed early in 1986.


The 10-13 Clubs of America would act as the central focus for all clubs and would serve as the National Organization or the Mother Club. Where the leaders of all clubs would meet for the purpose of planning and decision making of the 10-13 movement. Besides the numerous amounts of clubs in the Florida area, charter members also included Arizona, California and New Mexico.


In recent time the 10-13 Clubs of America has grown to it’s largest proportions, with the merger of the New York 10-13 Association. Our dues paying membership now have reached an all time high of well over 6,000 members and continually growing. If growth continues at the present rate we should reach 7,000 members in early 1997. This membership is derived solely from the fourteen (14) member organization who comprise the national organization. With no other outside organizations or affiliates being counted.


What are we About


We are about protecting, preserving and pursuing the rights of the New York City Police Department Retiree. We do this by utilizing all the tools at our disposal. The most congenial form of protecting and pursuing the rightful benefits of the retiree is by creating a harmonious relationship between our organization and the New York City and State Legislatures the people who make our laws. We approach this form a position of clout by joining forces with the New York State Alliance an organization who represents some 500,000 City and State retirees. From this position we sometimes gain the respect of certain legislators who know that in a combined effort of voting privileges an organization of such proportions can either make or break an individual running for an elected position. We enhance our stance by showing favoritism to those who support our position and demonstrate it in our PAC Committees and Communications.


We make every attempt to span the gaps between the retiree and the present line organizations. We are fully aware that unifying with the line leaders could make the retirees life somewhat easier, with the tremendous influence they possess with lobbying the City and State Legislators. Letters have been written, calls have been made, and to no avail. The line leaders have said time and time again that they don’t represent the retiree. While time and time again, at contract time the retirees benefits are on the table. We have tried and we will continue to try and span these gaps. And the way to a leaders heart is through his membership. It’s imperative that the active New York City Police Officer must be educated as to what to expect in their retirement and who represents them. The question which comes to mind is that if the Line Organizations don’t represent us, then who does? And the answer is nobody, until the creation of the 10-13 organizations.


We must ask ourselves, what are we to do if we are going to properly represent the retiree on matters where legislation and approach to the line organizations is not as effective as we would like it to be and we continually watch the diminishment of retiree rights and benefits. The answer is that we must utilize all the tools at our disposal to protect, preserve and pursue the rights and benefits of all our retirees. The courts may be favored in these certain and special circumstances. When you believe it is a matter of law and a solution may be possible in favor of the retiree.


The bottom line holds true. The retiree must be represented and properly represented and all the tools must be utilized when the need arises. Respect is gained from those who know that we are willing to utilize all possible methods to represent our retirees. For all we have is each other and giving up is never a part of our solution.


Why a National


The question has sometimes been asked “WHY DO WE NEED A NATIONAL ORGANIZATION?”.


Prior to the 1980’s the New York City Police Department Retiree was represented by NO ONE. Most retirees were under the impression that in their golden years of retirement that our line organizations or the City of New York would see that we, as retirees would properly be attend to. They further felt that those whom we once placed in high office, would see that proper legislation would be presented and passed in allowing the retiree, who dedicated their lives and in some instances had given the ultimate sacrifice, in the protection of the citizens of New York. That they would see that those retirees and their families could live the remainder of their lives in the dignity of their position.


How wrong they were! They who are under the impression that someone out their is dedicating their precious time and effort, in the best interest of the retiree, without asking for something in return.


In the 1980’s it was validated that the needs of our retirees must be represented. The founders of this idea established an organization, which later became known as THE NATIONAL 10-13 CLUBS OF AMERICA, knowing that a number of our retirees now resided in locations throughout our nation. Since the establishment of our National Organization others have sprouted up with similar organizations in realizing and fortifying the need for representation of the retiree. As individual retirees and members of individual 10-13 clubs it is incumbent upon us to belong to a centralized organization in order to strengthen our position.


Our National organization is the center point or the heart of the 10-13 clubs. One of the main functions of our National Organization is to maintain the continuity between all our associate organizations. We are well aware that in numbers there is strength and as individual clubs we possess little to no clout, but when we put our numbers together we multiply to the power of each individual organization which magnifies our strength to a position where in certain instances can make a difference.


Some in desperation of time gone by may ask “WHAT HAS THE NATIONAL DONE FOR ME” The answer is simple. We keep our ears to the ground. We maintain contact with our brothers and sisters in New York. We look for ways of supporting actions which concern our retirees. We look at the whole picture which makes us knowledgeable to the needs of all our retirees. And when a situation of need arises we call all the presidents together to express the opinions of their membership and vote on it in a democratic process. But most of all we are dedicated and we continually try in the best interest of the retiree.


This new leadership of our National Organization is in a word AGGRESSIVE when it comes to the needs of the New York City Police Department Retiree. I for one will not rest until all 10-13 clubs are organized under one umbrella. The need for a united 10-13 organization is paramount, we must be as one with all 34,000 retirees to succeed in the years to come.


I for one will always consider the whole picture and those members with special interests. The pre 1968 members who have all but been forgotten, The disability members who if not injured in the line of duty would have completed their term of service, the vested interest who now feel they are being left out of all supplementation and benefits, The non line of duty disability retiree who through no fault of their own for medical reasons could not continue service. And the Service Retiree the majority of all retirees, those who completed their 20 or more years of service and are now in fear and under the impression, which has been instilled upon them by our line organizations that if others are included in the Defined Benefit that it would greatly diminish their present compensations.


Even though we are divided in so many different ways and where as arguments on all sides maintain some merit. We must keep in mind that we are common as one. We are above all New York City Police Department Retirees and we must stick together and move forward. We must fully understand that no one out there is representing you and that all we have is each other. Therefore the need of our National Organization, it is the heart that beats for the retiree and it is the glue that binds us together. The National 10-13 Club of America is and always will be working for you in your best interest.


Fraternally yours

Richard J. Carroll – Chairman 10-13 Clubs of America


We regret to inform you of the passing of

Richard J. Carroll – Chairman 10-13 Clubs of America


Richard J. Carroll, 68 of Beverly Hills, Florida passed away on Wednesday, July 25, 2012. He was born on Saturday, November 20, 1943 in Bronx, New York to John and Marion (Hunt) Carroll. Richard was a veteran serving in the United States Marine Corps and a retired New York City Police Officer. He was the president of the 10-13 in Citrus County and with the National Organization. He founded the scholarship program for the children of the 10-13 family. He volunteered with the Citrus County Sheriff’s Department in the public school system. Richard was very computer savvy and enjoyed following politics. He was known for his skills in repairing and building.


Survivors inlcude his wife, Mary Carroll of Beverly Hills, Florida; sons, Richard Carroll and wife Anna Marie of Staten Island, New York, John Carroll and wife Lisa of Long Island, New York, John Ferrante of Oviedo, Florida and Shane Allocca and wife Antonella of Oviedo, Florida; daughter, Deborah Wheeler and husband Brian of Long Island, New York; sister, Jeannine Romandette of Staten Island, New York; thirteen grandchildren and five great grandchildren.


The Hernando County 10-13 club

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